Our principals bring wide array of experiences in the M&A, Private Equity, and Management Consulting sectors. Following is a quick snapshot of SOME accomplishments from our principals.

Construction Acquisition Project – Washington 2016
SITUATION - Acquisition of commercial, residential, and municipal property restoration company. Acquisition target provides restoration services following fire, flood, wind, mold and structural damage.  
SOLUTION- Our principal led the acquisition process in reviewing and auditing financial data, AR/AP, and fixed assets. Developed acquisition metrics along with financial models in conjunction to multiple funding scenarios. Conducted due diligence and deal structure leading to LOI. Implemented KPI’s reviewed bi-weekly basis, including financial performance and project updates along with post-acquisition integration of accounting functions and operations.

Annual Department of Education & Financial Audit – Colorado 2016
SITUATION - Our principal was appointed as Sr. Director of Finance to lead the institution’s finance and accounting division. The goal was to ensure full compliance and value enhancement of the institution.
SOLUTION - Led a team of 10 people across multiple departments, (Accounting, Financial aid, Bursar). Audited accounting and financial transactions to ensure full complicate and accuracy with US GAAP. Implemented student retention plans and scholarship procedures per FAFSA and accreditation rules. Wrote procedures for student withdrawals, title IV returns, tuition disbursement, and admissions policies.

Niche B2B service acquisition project - Pennsylvania 2015
SITUATION - Engaged by Private Equity Group to originate a target between $5-$50M in Revenue, 10%+ EBITDA, and over 40% growth over a 3 year period.  
SOLUTION - Our principal led the search and originated a B2B acquisition - $7M in revenue and 60% EBITDA. Participated and facilitated the introductory call, conducted preliminary valuation and due-diligence leading to a $25M LOI. 

IT acquisition project for Private Equity group - Massachusetts 2015
SITUATION - Engaged by Private Equity Group to originate an IT acquisition with revenue between $2-$20M, EBITDA at 15%+, and YOY growth.
SOLUTION - Our principal participated in the origination and marketing of the target.  Facilitated the introductory call and flow of information for due-diligence, which led to an LOI.

Mexican Restaurant Concept Project – Florida & California 2015
SITUATION - The client wanted to understand the financial costs and regulations in introducing a $5M Mexican concept in California and Florida. In addition, the client was interested in understanding the possible share dilution involved with sweat and initial equity financing.
SOLUTION - Our principal advised the client with multiple scenarios involving debt and equity financing.  Conducted a comparative analysis against established restaurants within the targeted regions. Developed a dilution model in accordance to funding rounds. 

Education and Training Management Acquisition Project – Brazil 2014
SITUATION - Our principal was an integral member of a team that led to the acquisitions of a vocational school specializing in graphic design and web development.
SOLUTION - Conducted Due-Diligence and risk assessment on the school with over 14,000 students and 800+ employees. Delivered shareholders and Private Equity investors a business model analysis of the target company including but not limited to financial models and revenue analysis, SWOT, student metrics, and executive management review. Designed and structured funding strategies, corporate structure, and international account administration for international funding. Reviewed and facilitated financial data and operational process prior and post-acquisition.

Full Service Hotel Turnaround Project - Florida 2012
SITUATION - 90 room full service hotel was underperforming. The hotel needed a minority partner capable of turning around the hotel within a short period.  
SOLUTION - Negotiated an equity position and served as Director of Finance to streamline the operation and finance divisions - decreased employee turnover by 20% and increased TripAdvisor ratings by 15%.  Implemented strategic plans leading to a recovery of $70K in delinquent AR accounts. Conducted a comparative market and pricing analysis increasing profit margins. Instrumented a cash exit leading to 35% ROI.

Limited Service Hotel Consulting Project - Georgia 2012
SITUATION - 85 room limited hotel in Calhoun, GA experienced a decrease in revenue although booking rates were stable. The client needed a throughout comparative market analysis and revenue generation strategies.
SOLUTION - Conducted a throughout comparative market analysis and implemented revenue management methodologies enabling the client to increase revenue and booking rates.