Most of us with entrepreneurial backgrounds have been there - wanting to sell without the assistance of industry professionals.  The issue is that we soon find ourselves facing uphill battles considering the amount marketing and time needed. These obstacles could deter our focus from what is more important - daily operations, employees, and clients. M&A Advisors and Business brokers can do the heavy lifting behind the scene ensure minimal to none operating disruption.

When considering an exit, you as the business owner should have a concrete list of assets (tangible / intangible),  accurate financial statements, and comprehensive detailed information covering all aspect of the business, the competitive advantage, the target market etc... 

Once the necessary documentation is ready, you or your advisor may start looking the right buyer who fits your criteria. Typical buyers but not limited to would be, Private equity groups, family offices, Corporate M&As, Hedge funds, private investors and so on. 

Keep in mind that buyers filter down prospective acquisitions just as you narrow down your list of financial and strategic acquirers. As a seller, you need to think like a buyer and pinpoint a list of things you would like to check prior to buying. You must be able to justify your valuation and pitch the buyer why your company makes a better acquisition than your competitors. 

Conducting deep internal and external research on your company and the industry makes it much easier to position yourself in-front of buyers willing to pay a premium for your company.

Again, finding the right buyer can be tedious task,and if you need assistance we are here to help. Just contact us HERE


Romain Ly