Sell-Side M&A Services

We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs exit. We understand that you have put in long working hours, blood, sweat, and tears over the years.  We will work with you every step of the way, to ensure that you get the fairest valuation and to find an acquirer who has the best interest in your company's future. 

Buy-Side M&A Services

Although our firm is primarily sell-side, we can assist with your buying aspirations. As you look to expand and gain market presence, our team will dedicate its effort to doing all the stressful work for you. We want to ensure that you can maintain focus on what matters the most - your daily operations. With target criteria communicated between our parties, we will craft a strategic plan, search targets, carefully select the best candidates, work with you in evaluating and building marketing deliverable, structuring, negotiating, and closing the transaction. 

Capital Raising Services

We have established relationships and a deep network of funding sources to assist you in getting the right source of capital for your long-term growth. We assist our clients in private placement, debt and equity financing, mezzanine debt, royalty-based financing, and IPO syndication. 

Valuation & Due Diligence

Whether you are already working with someone or just want a second opinion, our firm and its affiliated industry professionals can assist you in ensuring that you are not leaving cash on the table.
Our firm and strategic partners can assist in valuation, due-diligence, and private investigation services in order to give you a peace of mind prior to acquiring or selling. 

Private Equity Deal Origination

Our firm leverages technology and our network of private equity groups and strategic buyers to originate and source investment prospects. We work closely with investment firms seeking attractive minority/majority or buyout investment opportunities. Our private equity clients can invest anywhere from $5M to $100M per transaction. Typical targets have revenues between $2-$100M, EBITDA margins of at least 9%-10% , and interesting revenue models.

Strategic Planning Services

Whether you need to reorganize your company or layout a  5 years+ strategic plan, our firm is ready to give you a hand and help you achieve your strategic goal. We carefully curate a plan with your organizational goals, and a plan of action to reach them. In a nutshell, we work with you to set priorities on resources, division synergies, operations improvement, employee and stakeholder guidance towards objectives, and customer acquisition - to ensure successful implementation to reach your desired goal. 

Succession Planning & Specialized Search

Whether you decide to retire or leave the company after a merger, our firm can assist in your succession plan. We work alongside you to source, hand-pick, and develop internal employees/executives who display readiness in assuming leadership roles. We also pre-source a pipeline of back-up candidates for specified or specialized senior executives positions. 

Outsourced COO & CFO

Our firm leverages its founders' experiences to offer interim Operations and Financial expertise as service. We understand that some early stage companies do not have the resources to hire full-time executives. For an attractive fee, our founders will step-in as interim executives until you find the right candidate. Once you the right candidate is found, we will ensure that he/she will easy pick-up right where we left off.  Our founders have been involved in turnarounds, operational planning, financial analysis and auditing, contract negotiation, business development, and operation restructuring.