About the firm

Envol Capital is an entrepreneurial boutique Investment Bank and Strategic Advisory firm dedicated to serving lower and middle market companies. Because our principals have entrepreneurial backgrounds, our firm ensures that clients get the fairest valuation for their businesses - to reflect the hard work they cultivated.

We also work with other M&A advisors, Investment Bankers, CPAs, and Private Investment groups as part of our strategic alliance. By working with these industry professionals, our firm has the ability to offer deal syndication, origination, facilitation, and collaboration to ensure the best outcome for the clients. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a deep belief in team building, collaboration, and relationships from start to finish. 

We are a firm managed by entrepreneurs and supported by well-established advisors with proven track-record in diverse industries.


Envol is a french word meaning surging, soaring, and flying.

Everyone can be successful, but only a few can make a significant impact. - Tim Gregory